Cats are usually exploring and keep jumping hither and thither within home. Their habit leads them some times to an emergency happening injuring them or like. So we should keep an eye on the cats what they are doing. If you see any accidental emergency, you must know how to handle it, otherwise you may lose the health of your precious pet.

Jumping from one place to another during playing or exploring can be really harmful for the cats. During this play cat may fall from height causing in emergency like broken bone, somewhere touching hot things resulting in skin burns etc. Cats are although sophisticated and intelligent animals but still they are animals. Accidentally eating or drinking poison will lead to an emergency situation. Other emergencies might be electric shock, fits etc. We will discuss here how to handle the situations at the initial stage before proceeding to veterinarian to save the precious lives of our beloved companions.

With a broken leg, deal very gently. If there is bleeding wound don’t apply splint to stop as it is painful. Immediately take the pet to veterinarian. Use pads around the broken bone to restrict the movement during transportation.broken-legSource: