Although some of airlines allow sending your pets via airline cargo service but IATA, the International Air Transport Association, has defined its own policies for traveling with or sending the animals by air. For example the airline will not accept alive animals as checked baggage during extreme weather conditions, without health certificate, without appropriate container size and some of other reasons. IATA provides complete information about traveling by air with your live pets. Focusing on the safety, welfare and health of pets IATA has facilitated us, the pet lovers on their website in Pet Corner briefly. All airlines have to follow these policies for safe traveling.IATA_1_4

I am here laying introductory information about traveling by air under IATA rules.

Live Animals Regulations (LAR) defines the worldwide standards for transpiration of live animals. IATA facilitates the cargo agents, airline cargo handlers and operation managers so that they can handle the live animals with care and humanely.