robin-and-crewWe have learned that how we can prepare ourselves before travelling with our cat. Now we are will know that how we can travel safely and without hazards.

Don’t feed the cat a couple of hours before commencement of journey. However, a allow her to drink a small amount of water. Put the collar around the neck of your cat. Put the information card in pocket of collar which must contain your contact numbers, flight information and other relative information which you think is important. Take snaps of cat in cell phone. As all information about the airline requirements was already collected, so making a check list, follow their policies. Before booking your ticket, confirm that you are catching a direct flight up to your destination. Sometimes, pets lose their lives while traveling through cargoes. This is because cargo sections contain less oxygen due to poor ventilation extreme temperature could be hot or cold and rough handling causes the deaths.

When you have ticked the check list, now you are ready to proceed to airport. REMEMBER, don’t give your pet the tranquilizers, it may kill the cat. Leash the cat in carrier when reached at airport then you can travel safely.