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Cats’ Air Travel: You never will like to travel without your cats, especially when proceeding to a long tour and traveling with cats by air can be a totally different experience. But before the air travel, we should be aware and well prepared to take our cats to airport. So, what steps should be taken? Let me lay a guideline here.

Prepping the Cat for Air Travel

When we are going to plan to take cats, especially cats with us while traveling by air, it is important to contact the airline about their requirements to carry the cats with us. They will guide about the laid down policies, about the carrier types and sizes and other requirements. Traveling by air can be perplexing even for unaccustomed human beings, but for cats it will be more uncomfortable. So first of all trim nails of cat so nervous kittens could not dig their nails into our skins. Moreover we will need a small and smart carrier to carry and harnesses to fasten. Remember, the carrier should not be uncomfortable and leashes of harness should not be tightened enough which will lead the cat to be furious. According to the travel time, keep the cat in carrier fastened with leashes, at least once every day for a week before commencement of journey.

While passing securities checks, cat might become puzzled. So it is important to keep this thing in mind. To familiarize the cat regarding this obstructions and checks, take some short trips to malls and other places where security checks are imposed, it will help you.

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Another step of preparation is involved that visit a veterinarian for vaccinations and health certificate showing that cat can travel safely with us. Buy a collar with a pocket which can carry the identification of cat.

Here, above given were some preparing steps while you are going to travel with your cat by air.