PTI Cat Case

PTI Cat Case is the First and unique of its kind in Pakistan. FIR (First Information Report) was lodged by Imtiaz Asif, activists of Opposition Political Party named “PTI” in Pakistan that someone has abducted or kidnapped her cat.

PTI CatSource: Dawn News

She believes that her cat (PTI Cat) was kidnapped by her neighbors. Reason she told that they have been pressurizing her to switch her political affiliations from PTI to PML. But she says she refused. She claimed that the nominated persons in FIR have been calling and pressurizing her. They asked to switch her party and in exchange they will return her cat back.

Police is under pressure to recover PTI Cat and have arrested 3 men. Detained Kashif, Shahbaz and their uncle Farooq. Who insisted that they had nothing to do with the PTI Cat theft. They claimed opposing to Asif’s statement that they were victims of political rivalry.