Animals are lovely things on the earth. Without them we feel loneliness on the earth. Some people are much crazy about the animals and they can do lot of things to help animals. Read these tips to show your love for animals

Read The Books to Learn about the Love for animals

Read some stuff about the animals life. There is lot of information online about the animals there habits likes and dislikes. If you want to now about them, you must use half an hour for this purpose with dedication.

Love the Animals

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Visit the Zoo

Some time you may know about the animals if you observe them for time for this purpose you should visit a zoo where variety of the animals exist including the endangered species lie polar bears, lions and panda bears. I visited zoo with my baby. 🙂

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Show Love for animals that are going to extinct by helping them

Dolphins are endangered because of accidental death or hunters but it is easy to help them. There are “adopt a dolphins programs” being offered where you can use your money to sponsor a dolphin. In that case, sometime you can get a free dolphin fun pack.

Love the Animals

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Start a New Club or Forum to express Love for animals

Start a small animals club with your friends at school or workplace. You can raise animals fund for this purpose. Interested people may spend their money for the care and help of animals.

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Image Source: Campus Club


Get Volunteers who have love for animals in their heart

At the home , if you cannot afford food or shelter for some animals you can get volunteer for food of the animals. Don’t let down the animals hopeless and make them confident that people are there to help them.Love the Animals

Keep in observation

As you go to zoo for the observation of animals you must keep in touch with nature to observe small animals like squirrel cats, birds etc.Love the Animals


Initiate a club

You can use a garage or give your money to a animal welfare center, You can dance or sing or any magic performance to get audience. From audience you can get money and donate for animals even single dollar. One day it will make a bigger difference.Love the Animals


Dress up like the animals


Love the Animals

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Show your love and affection to animals by wearing clothes to them. If you can not, you use your own clothes with small pictures of animals that can make huge difference for someone who care for animals.

Stop unkindness

If you see someone is misbehaving with animals, stop that person, in some countries it is a crime. So always learn to respect the animals around youLove for Animals

Eating habit

In front of animals, always try to eat vegetables. That  will be comfortable for them

Love the Animals

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