Oldest Cat, Let’s meet him.

The Oldest Cat, Corduroy is Guinness World Records holder of being Oldest Living Cat as of 8th March, 2016 He was born in Central Oregon on August 1, 1989.

Corduroy is naughty retired feline. Being 26 years of age (121 in feline years), he declines to behave. He holds the Guinness World Records title for the world`s most seasoned living Cat, yet despite everything he bounced onto everything and makes the most of his time outside. Found from a safe house in Oregon, when his owner Reed Okura was just 7 years of age.

Corduroy consumes special low-protein diet to protect his kidneys, but he is in a remarkably good health. Reed describes him as:

“I strongly believe the key to his longevity is the fact we did not declaw him and allowed him to go outside,” said Reed. “He was able to defend himself and exercise his body and mind by hunting. Corduroy still catches critters but is not as good as he once was, thankfully. It is an honour to have Corduroy in our life, I honestly don’t remember much of my life without him,” she added. “He is a wonderful companion and I hope to give him a happy and healthy life for many more years.”

We found this information at Bored Panda first, digged it more from Corduroy’s  Instagram and added some information here for you.

Oldest Cat - Display Picture.